Growly Dogs

Are you walking your dog at midnight?

Does your dog growl, bark and lunge at other dogs or people?

Do you wish you could enjoy walking your dog?


You are not alone and we can help!


Growly Dogs is a reactive dog recovery program specifically designed to teach pet guardians how to:

  • understand what triggers your dog
  • learn to read your dog's body language to predict, reduce and prevent reactivity
  • increase your dog's tolerance to triggers through desensitization and counter-conditioning
  • train alternate behaviours so your dog has something to do instead of an outburst
  • become more confident and less worried when walking your dog
  • decrease stress for both dogs and their families


Imagine a walk without barking and growling! 


Our reactive dog classes are semi-private and limited to 4 dogs per class,  allowing us to focus on the individual needs of each family. The first week of class is for the human half only (no dogs). Dogs will attend each of the the following 5 weeks. 


Prerequisite: none
Cost: $220.00 + GST ($231.00) | 6 weeks
Class Schedule




A well-mannered dog

is only a class away.


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Class Locations:


The Little Dog House

3-10 McGillivray Place

Winnipeg, MB




Phone: 204.997.7297

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