Level One - Basic Life Skills

Level One is for Puppy Socialization graduates and adult or adolescent dogs that are new to training. The focus of beginner training is to learn everyday basic life skill exercises like sit, down, stay, come, pay attention, walk nicely on leash, leave it and polite greetings. We will also address problem solving and elimination of undesirable behaviours like jumping up and barking. Dogs will learn to focus on their families even in the face of distractions!  


Prerequisites: for dogs 17 weeks of age and older; all dogs must be up to date on vaccinations
Cost: $119.05 + GST ($125.00) | 5 weeks

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Level Two - Continuing Life Skills

Level Two class will continue to work on the skills introduced in Level One. We will work to increase reliability of trained behaviours and learn how to eliminate the clicker once behaviours have been successfully trained. We will work through components of the Canine Good Neighbour program where dogs will learn to greet people and dogs appropriately, walk on a loose leash amidst increasing levels of distraction, and deal with life even in the presence of other dogs. We will also try some rally obedience and learn some new behaviours and tricks!


Prerequisites: Level One - Basic Life Skills
Cost: $119.05 + GST ($125.00) | 5 weeks

Class Schedule

Level Three - Focus Games

The  goal of this advanced level class is to work towards having a dog that will respond anywhere, at any time, under any circumstances! We will be working hard to improve your dog’s reliability of performance, focus, self-control, and good decision making. We will do this through a series of games designed to improve your dog’s focus, recall, loose leash walking, stay, and more! The Games class is ideal for those intending to train or compete in dog sports like agility, rally obedience, disc or flyball. It is also a great class for pet owners looking for an extra challenge and fun with their dogs!


Prerequisites: Level Two – Advanced Life Skills. If you are a dog sports competitor interested in this class but have not previously attended Paws Dog classes, please contact info@pawsdog.ca.
Cost: $119.05 + GST ($125.00) | 5 weeks

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Nailed It!

Calm, cool and collected nail trimming...doesn't have to be a pipe dream! You can trim your dog's nails. We'll take the fear out of this experience for you and your dog while also strengthening the bond between you and saving your time and money!


Prerequisite: None. This class is for humans only.

Cost: $25 | 1 evening
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Rocket Recall

Does your dog come when you call or do you usually see a fuzzy bum disappearing over the horizon? Teaching your dog to come when called is a vital skill. It could save his or her life one day. Join us for a 3-week mini session devoted to building your relationship with your dog through a series of games that will make recalls fun for both of you! We will also train an emergency recall for those moments when you need your dog to stop on a dime!


Prerequisites: Level One - Basic Life Skills (or equivalent). Dogs should be friendly with people and other dogs.
Cost: $75 | 3 weeks
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The BARK Stops Here

Does your dog bark in the yard? In the house? When people come over? Join us for an evening about barking. Learn why they do it and how can we can help them to stop. Take home handouts included.


Prerequisite: None. This class is for humans only.

Cost: $25 | 1 evening
Class Schedule


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The Little Dog House

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Riverview Community Centre

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Canvasback Pets

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