Find It! Canine Nose Work

The nose always knows so put it to work!


In Find It! class, you will put your dog’s natural scenting abilities to work. Nosework is a great way for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy.



Find It! – Foundation


The foundation level will provide an introduction to odour for dogs and handlers. We will focus on proper handling of odour and equipment, leash handing, reinforcement and learning how to read your dog's alert signals.


With two instructors present, we will run two full search areas each week so dogs get twice the time "on course" in each class.


We will follow the rules of The Sporting Detection Dogs Association and Wintergreen (Gaultharia procumbens) will be our target odour.  A take-home scent kit will be provided to each participant.   


Prerequisite: None
Cost: $114.25 + GST ($120.00) | 6 weeks
Class Schedule - daytime classes only

A well-mannered dog

is only a class away.


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Class Locations:


The Little Dog House

3-10 McGillivray Place

Winnipeg, MB


Canvasback Pet Supplies

1 Wellink Drive

Lockport, MB



Phone: 204.997.7297

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