Growly Dogs

Are you walking your dog at midnight?
Does your dog growl, bark and lunge at other dogs or people?
Do you wish you could enjoy walking your dog?


You are not alone and we can help!

Paws Dog Solutions and Kitz & Canine have teamed up to create an innovative reactive dog recovery program. We recognize that many dogs and their families are overwhelmed in a group class situation. Our Growly Dogs program is designed to provide training, management and counter-conditioning skills in the least stressful format, followed by one-on-one help with your dog out on the street in your own neighbourhood. 

All classes and private lessons are instructed by Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA).

This 3-week class is for the human half of the team only. Being in class without your dog means that you can concentrate on each lesson rather than worrying about your dog barking at all of the other dogs in class. 

In class you will learn:
⦁ all about reactivity and why it happens.
⦁ how to read your dog’s body language to help predict reactivity
⦁ how to prevent your dog from experiencing reactive episodes
⦁ how to become more confident and less worried when walking your dog
⦁ training activities your dog can do instead of reacting
⦁ strategies to help you quickly escape a sticky situation if you find yourself in one
⦁ how to change your dog’s emotional response to their triggers. We are going to help you teach your dog to become more comfortable and less reactive. 

Each topic will be thoroughly discussed and you will be provided with detailed take-home information and weekly homework assignments. You will also enjoy instructor support in our members only Facebook group throughout the weeks.


You've laid the foundation in Growly Dogs I. Your dog is feeling calmer and has learned new skills. Now it's time to get out on the streets. You will work one-on-one with a trainer in your own neighbourhood to put it all into practice where the behaviours occur. Our trainers will help you perfect your skills and help you work through encounters with triggers that your dog used to growl and bark at. 


Growly Dogs II includes 3 private consultations (60 minutes each) with trainer in your home and neighbourhood.


Imagine a walk without barking and growling!  

We will teach you how to help your dog.



*Introductory Pricing*


Option One: Growly Dogs I - The Human Half
⦁ Three weeks of lessons with in-depth take home material and active instructor support throughout class period: $150.00

Option Two: Growly Dogs I - The Human Half & Growly Dogs II - Both Ends of the Leash
⦁ Three weeks of lessons with in-depth take home material
⦁ Three 60 minute private lessons in your home/neighbourhood
⦁ Active instructor support for 6 months
⦁ $400 (savings of $100 when compared to purchasing classes and private lessons separately)

⦁ Growly Dog I is a prerequiste for Growly Dogs II



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Class Locations:


The Little Dog House

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Phone: 204.997.7297

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