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Our mission is to help families achieve a harmonious and mutually respectful relationship with their dogs through the use of positive reinforcement-based methods of training and behaviour modification.


At Paws Dog Solutions, we are committed to teaching our clients how to effectively use fun and force-free training methods. Clicker training is about reinforcing the behavior you want to see in your dog, rather than “correcting” the behavior you don’t want to see. A clicker, a small box that makes a “click” sound when the button is pushed, tells dogs what they have done right. Each click is followed with reinforcement: a toy, treat, or something else the dog likes. Dogs do what works for them, so behaviours that are marked and reinforced are repeated. Through this method, we will teach dogs the behaviours we want them to learn. Students will also learn how to manage their dogs to deal with undesirable behaviours like jumping up, barking and puppy biting.


We strive to provide each owner with the knowledge and skills they need to teach their dog to be the best companion for their family.

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The Little Dog House

3-10 McGillivray Place

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Email: info@pawsdog.ca

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