Early Puppy Socialization & Manners Class

Early socialization is critical for puppies. Introducing your puppy to positive experiences with new people, places, animals, sounds, movement and textures before he or she is 16 weeks old will help prevent behavioural problems down the road. Paws Dog Solution offers open enrollment classes to ensure that your puppy doesn’t miss out on this crucial socialization time.



What is rolling enrollment? 
Rolling enrollment means that new puppies can start whenever they are ready and attend class for 5 consecutive weeks. Each class consists of a stand-alone module, so you can jump in at any time. For example, if the group is in Week 3 of a 5-week session, you would take the classes in this order: Week 3, 4, 5, 1 & 2. 


Join us!
Join us to take advantage of your young puppy's optimum window for socialization. Your puppy will participate in positive social experiences with other puppies and people, as well as gain exposure to new sights, sounds, surfaces and objects. We will work on basic obedience skills, such as Sit, Down, Stay, Settle on a Mat, Come When Called, and Walk on a Loose Leash while also working on impulse control and good decision making. We will address kennel and house training as well as work on eliminating undesirable puppy behaviours such as biting and jumping up.


For more information on the importance and safety of early puppyhood socialization, please visit our Puppy Socializing page.

• puppies must be 16 weeks of age or younger at the start of classes
• proof of vaccinations is required
• puppies must have lived in the owner’s home for a minimum of two weeks before start of classes


Cost*: $140.00 + GST ($147.00)| 5 weeks

*Effective May 1 - class fee will increase to $150.00 + GST ($157.50)


Open enrollment classes are not drop-in. Preregistration is required. Classes will be attended for 5 consecutive weeks.

Class Schedule


A well-mannered dog

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Class Locations:


The Little Dog House

3-10 McGillivray Place

Winnipeg, MB



Email: info@pawsdog.ca

Phone: 204.997.7297

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