Testy Teens

Do you find yourself with a dog between 9 and 24 months of age that is no longer listening and seems to find everyone and everything more interesting than you? Adolescence (the “terrible teens”) is a stage we all go through with our dogs, but it is not always easy! Testy Teens class is here to help. This program is designed to build up the relationship between you and your dog while they learn to work through frustration and distractions. You will learn how to guide your teenaged dog into adulthood through a series of exercises and games focused on impulse control and building tolerance to frustration/overarousal. We will work on controlling that jumping, respectful greetings, focus and connection while teaching your dog to want to listen!


This class is for dogs that are comfortable around other dogs. If your dog is not comfortable or is reactive to other dogs, please contact us about our Growly Dogs program. 



  • age 9 - 24 months
  • friendly or neutral towards other dogs
  • Level One - Basic Life Skills or equivalent


Cost: $150.00 + GST ($157.50) | 5 weeks


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Class Locations:


The Little Dog House

3-10 McGillivray Place

Winnipeg, MB



Email: info@pawsdog.ca

Phone: 204.997.7297

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